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Top 5 Goals of the World Cup

Now that the 2006 World Cup has ended with an ordinary game and a win by the Azzurri, I’ll stop writing about soccer for a while (well, I think I have one more post). Here’s one set of the top five goals of the tournament:

I don’t think anybody would argue with Rodriguez’s sublime effort at number one. As a bonus, here’s a list of the top ten goals from the previous World Cup.

UPDATE: Thanks to The Movie Blog for the best animated GIF of the week:

Zidane headbutt animated gif

UPDATE #2: Via Wonderland, Here’s a silly surreal Flash game based on the Zidane incident.

UPDATE #3: As per Matt in the comments, the video was removed because of copyright violations. You can visit Fifa’s site and check out the best goals by sorting by ‘Highest Rated’. The video quality is way better, too.

UPDATE: Anil has mashed all of the emerging Zidane animations into one funny movie.

3 Responses to “Top 5 Goals of the World Cup”

  1. Andrea Coutu

    I thought this was going to be an analysis of the strategic global effects of the World Cup. But the video is cool, too.

  2. -j.

    Well, at least we Argentines came first in something.

  3. harp

    It was a funny tournament, most of the entertainment in terms of the football was in the first round. The tactically organized defences beat out the megastar talent, and the best coaches did best (though England fluked it to get as far as they did!)

    But a good thing about it being over is that I don’t have to have conversation with my hockey friends where they expect me to explain some of the diving and cheating.

    it’s amazing how bad the rules are implemented by FIFA, UEFA and the FA play a far better game in the premiere league and the Champions League. Watching the quality of World Cup football is like a local circus compared to the fine theatre of European football.

    The World Cup is cooler for seeing the celebratory nature and fans giving it than the play, that’s for sure.

    Congrats to Italy, France peaked a couple of games too early and had nothing up their sleeves to counter Gattuso, Pirlo and those excellent fullbacks.

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