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Check Out Paul’s Balls

Times Colonist ReviewThe play got a positive review in Victoria’s Times-Colonist yesterday, which is great news. Here’s a snippet:

The jokes are piled high in this well-acted and well-written show, with visual gags, pop culture references, and conversations about national differences all getting played for laughs.

The quick pacing and crisp dialogue make the show seem much shorter than it is and the hilariously shocking finale alone is worth the price of admission.

What’s even better, though, is the enormous photo of our male lead, Paul Drexler, on the front page of the T-C‘s Arts section. He’s naked and holding two basketballs in front of his crotch. Kris Krug took the photo, Paul made a hilarious expression, and a photo editor’s dream was borne. You can’t beat comic nudity.

During the photo shoot, we actually worried that this shot (and others like it) might be too risque for mainstream papers like the T-C or the Sun. Apparently not.

5 Responses to “Check Out Paul’s Balls”

  1. Andrea Coutu

    The headline above (Friends) will probably draw some people to your article, as they may think it’s all related!

  2. Steve

    Darren: Will you ensure to have one of the showings of the play recorded and eventually uploaded onto your site. Those of us who don’t live in Canada would like to see it. Sounds like it’s going very well.

  3. darren

    Steve: Watching a stage play on video is always kind of weird, but I certainly plan to videotape a performance, and may post it to the web.

  4. MC

    Well that’s one way to draw the crowds – sweet! And yes, that photo is unusually large. Paul’s face made top-of-the-fold.
    Looking forward to it, and even though I didn’t cash in on the freebies, I’ll likely blog something or other :)

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