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Get Your World of Warcraft 1.12 Patch Here

I just noticed that there’s a new patch out for WoW. The WoW site is getting shlambasted with traffic, so I thought I’d upload it to my account for anybody who was searching the live web and looking for an alternative download site. Here it is:

If you’re worried about viruses and that sort thing, don’t be. I mean, look at my face, don’t I look trustworthy?

8 Responses to “Get Your World of Warcraft 1.12 Patch Here”

  1. Ryan

    Awesome, thanks for the file share.

    How are you liking A friend just tossed me an invite, but I haven’t really played with it much.

  2. jusin

    dude just wanted to say thank you for posting that patch i could not find it on there site i mean i could but but it was just notes on it same thing for most of the web to so yeah thanks for posting it on your site

  3. Rage

    Hey, sweet website. I run one of the biggest guilds on Khel’thuzad and I just put your link on my guilds website I was so impressed. FYI WoW is like crack and actually getting me to pay attention to anything else is near impossible so good job.

  4. Veronwe

    Hey thanks for the website…it’s a lot easier than using the default WoW Patch download heh.

  5. Rachie

    Thank you so much! Such a life saver. Without this, my computer will keep crashing XD. Much appreciated!

  6. Taylor

    omg tank you! Just bought a new computer and this site saved me so much time!

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