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Off to the Island

I’m off to Victoria for a couple of days to attend the opening of the play I wrote (and to help promote the thing). I’m sorry to miss the Vancouver BarCamp BBQ, but I’ll be flying back early on Saturday morning to help with scheduling at 9:00am.

Here’s some stuff I meant to blog about this week, but didn’t find the time:

  • Some photos from our tech dress rehearsal on Tuesday night. Yes, that’s how we make a subway on stage.
  • Take my virginity, please“. From Travis, who aptly observes that “I could be mistaken, but I think if she were to go out to a bar, say, tonight, she might possibly find someone who’d help her out”.
  • Someone recently joked about my play being “The Testicle Monologues” (in more ways than one, as it turns out). I wondered if there was a male version of the famed “Vagina Monologues”. Of course there is.
  • I’ve been musing recently that the suburbs have come back into vogue in cinema. This year alone I’ve seen Chumbscrubber, Thumbsucker, Brick and Little Miss Sunshine, all films about suburban families (mostly set in the suburbs). Martine points to an old Salon article (no day pass required) on the subject.
  • This downloadable game looks like tons of gory, ragdoll fun.
  • Last weekend I stopped by Flugtag Vancouver, as the director of ‘Bolloxed’, Michael Scriven, was one of the producers. There was nutty, plunging-into-the-grossness-of-False-Creek fun. There are plenty o’ photos on Flickr.

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  1. nathan

    Good luck with your play Darren! Looking forward to hearing what happens.

  2. NC

    29-year-old virgin?

    Pagh, what an amateur.

    NC (38-year-old virgin)

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