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Remember Tiananmen Square

Via Digg, here’s a disturbing three-minute video memorial to the Tiananman Square massacre:

If you live in China today, government censorship of the web apparently prevents you from accessing information about this event.

The business pages of the newspaper are constantly espousing China as the mega-market of the 21st century. Where are the discussions about the morality of doing business with a country that regularly violates its citizens’ human rights?

14 Responses to “Remember Tiananmen Square”

  1. Duncan

    Human rights advocacy groups constantly urge Internet companies like Google to stop trying to please the Chinese government by conforming to their censorship laws (which they call the “Golden Shield”, catchy eh?)

  2. Kerry Anne

    My brother is in small-town China teaching English. He has apparently sent me, and other members of my family, emails that we have not received.

  3. Julie

    I’d like to know why people aren’t discussing this too. And here Canada and the US are trying to make *stronger* economic ties with China! I’m aghast and saddened.

    Not too long ago I saw on TV a reporter asking Chinese teenagers about Tiananmen Square and they know nothing about it. What kind of world do we live in when a government can rewrite history and teach that to its citizens? And we in the West support this, are making China even stronger.

  4. brem

    Julie, the problem is that China is copying western technology and is exploiting their people, whethere we are there or not. At least, if a western company sets ground in China, it is more likely to slow the exploitation, and even repress it.

    You go you lose, you don’t you lose.

  5. Soultrance

    That video was fantastic and frightening all at once.

    Thank you very much for posting that, I’m mentioning this post on my blog, people need to see this video.

    This kind of thing cannot happen again.

  6. jd


    do we support it? we do it, too.

    you can ask teenagers from america and canada all kids of questions about history and get some really scary answers. governments rewriting history and/or people not knowing much about the countries they live in is not something that only happens in other places. i submit any lecture by chomsky or zinn for some good examples of how history works.

    also, it may be the case that some of the teenagers you saw on tv would have had very different answers had there not been a tv camera in front of them. people who grow up in countries where the government is open about censorship develop a knack for knowing when to talk openly and when to “play dumb and smile.”

  7. Eugene

    The video may be disturbing and unacceptable to most people living in the western world.
    I teach and live in China and have spoken to many students and the concensus is that it was a necessary evil as since that time things have changed for the better for all.
    There is more freedom of speech although most will not do it as they still think that it is not good to criticise the goverment.
    Most Chinese people have faith in their country, and are working hard to improve it.
    I have a great respect for them as they are hard working and dilegent.

  8. Jimmie

    Here’s some food for thought: If google will accept money from the Chinese Government to censor events/information from it’s people. What’s to stop them from accepting money from other Government’s such as the U.S.A. or U.K.

    “…it was a necessary evil…”. What? What the fuck does that mean? It’s communists like you that fail as Human beings and deserve to be shot in the head. You know what a necessary evil is? Extinguishing assholes like you from the earth. The people at Tianannmen square were peacefully protesting and you condone the actions taken by the Chinese Government?

    “There is more freedom of speech although most will not do it as they still think that it is not good to criticise the goverment.”. You know why most won’t do it, jack ass? It’s because of the Chinese Terrorist Government.

    All in all Eugene you’re post has no factual evidence behind it, give me a documented consensus of this and I’ll believe you, but now I see you as a worthless piece of shit human being who does no good for man-kind.Just kill yourself and make room for free-thinker.

  9. Crystal

    could anyone tell me what the song’s name that is playing durring the movie?

  10. Keith

    You forgot to mention Chai Ling’s interview with Philip Cunningham. That Chai Ling was expecting and willing to use “bloodshed”. Some wanted to leave in orderly fashion but she keep the occupation in the Square. She got millions in donation from HK. She is a software consultant now in the US. Go figure.

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