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Day One at Web o’ Change

At the BeachIt’s unfortunate that, after one day at the Web of Change conference, I haven’t had more free time. Every free moment between sessions has been dedicated to work, so I’ve seen a lot of the main lodge–the only space that has Internet access.

Before coming up, I was pleased to look at the list of attendees and only see a couple names that I recognized. Obviously you get a lot of the same people at Web 2.0/technology/bloggy events, so I’m glad to meet some new people.

I have a bunch of observations about the conference and Hollyhock, but I think I’m going to hold off until the conference is over. Given how hectic the last two or three days have been, I want to get a little perspective.

Here’s one observation: Every conversation I’ve had at this conference has been related to social change. I haven’t talked to anybody about their dog or their hometown or whatever. That’s different from other conferences. I expect it’s reflective of the remoteness, passion and intensity which seems ubiquitous here.

I’ve taken a few photos from the event and (mostly) it’s surroundings. They’re pretty unremarkable, but I do like this jellyfish the size of a dinner plate.


Amusingly, the Flickr tag woc2006 also refers to the World Orienteering Championship.

3 Responses to “Day One at Web o’ Change”

  1. Derek K. Miller

    It’s cool to be jazzed about social change, but aren’t conversations about nothing else profoundly exhausting?

    I mean, imagine if every conversation at those geek meetings was about nothing but RSS, podcasts, and cool gadgets.

    Uh, never mind.

  2. Gar Fisher

    Talk about serendipity! The World Orienteering Championship photos show one Louise Oram sitting at 37th place. She also happens to be a local club member at the Greater Vancouver Orienteering Club.

  3. Lucy

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