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Six String Nation

This was a really cool project that I’ve been meaning to write about:

The Six String Nation is a movement to connect people from all regions of Canada through music and by sharing our icons, images and stories.

The Six String Nation guitar is at the heart of the movement. The guitar is made of more than 60 pieces that are significant aspects of history or culture from across the country.

The materials they used are pretty amazing–there’s even some moose shin. They’ve got a nice Flash app that shows you various parts of the guitar and itemizes where the bits came from. My feature request: show me a clickable map of Canada with all the sources, so that I can see the materials that are local to Vancouver (as it turns out, most of the bits and most of Canada’s history came from back east).

This project gave me a business idea: make a one-of-a-kind guitars for customers based on their own lives. You probably have to do this near the end of your life, so that you’ve got enough bits to make it worthwhile. Some bits that I’d use:

  • Part of my grandfather’s radio from the 1930s.
  • Part of my autographed Wayne Gretzky stick.
  • A chunk from the wallbed that ate me.
  • A chunk of my Mom’s old jewelry box.
  • A chunk of wood from the cherry tree from the backyard of the house I grew up in.

Obviously you can’t build a whole guitar that way, but presumably you’d get some company like Riszanyi Guitars to build a guitar which included these materials.

Happily, I own an acoustic guitar that my father bought from a pawn shop in the early seventies, so I’ve already got the base model.