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Today’s Weird Call is Brought To You By the State of Georgia

Long time readers know that I routinely get weird calls from strange people about stuff I’ve written about on this site. Today’s call came a Georgian with a heck of a drawl:

HIM: Hi, this is Bobby Riggs calling from Georgia.
ME: (Fearing the worst.) What can I do for you?
HIM: I’m calling about the Whizzinator.
ME: The what?
HIM: The Whizzinator.
ME: Yeah, I can’t help you with that. I really just wrote about that the one time (which is a lie, I wrote about it three times apparently).
HIM: Do you have a phone number for Puck Technology?
ME: I really don’t.
HIM: All right. Thanks anyway.
ME: My pleasure.

I guess the disclaimer on my contact page didn’t dissuade him. If these calls really bothered me, I could just remove my phone number, but they often make for interesting anecdotes. That said, don’t get me started on the teenager who called, wanting to be a surrogate mother to gay parents.

2 Responses to “Today’s Weird Call is Brought To You By the State of Georgia”

  1. Travis

    Small coincidence: Today someone called us saying that “our phone number was on the Eziba site and how do I order from Eziba”?

    Eziba went out of business years ago, and the site doesn’t exist anymore, and our phone number is no where near it.

    But I did blog about it once.


  2. Travis

    Hey, it happened again! Someone called today wanting to make a partnership with Eziba! (Uh, it’s not going to happen…)

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