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Garth, Go Green

As you may have heard, the Conservative party (more specifically, the Ontario caucus) suspended blogging MP Garth Turner (here’s his blog). There’s some debate as to whether he was suspended for divulging caucus secrets or just being a maverick, but he’s no longer a Conservative MP.

Turner has several options at the moment: sit as an independent, try to resolve his differences with his former party, or join another party. The MP apparently is a strong supporter of the environment, so it’s been suggested that he might become the first sitting MP for the Green party. Turner has returned to take to his constituents, which he apparently holds above his party loyalties.

This would obviously be a big deal for the party that’s sought legitimacy in the mainstream. To be honest, I’m pretty naive about Turner’s politics, so I can’t say if he’d be a good fit for the Greens. That said, according to his most recent video blog, he is kicking the idea around.

UPDATE: Turner held a few town meetings over the weekend, and took a poll at one of them concerning his next steps. These are the results:

Stay Independent – 19
Go Liberal – zero
Go Green – 18
Negotiate with CPC – 4
Resign now – zero
Don’t know yet- 6