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Help Me Imagine the MySpace of 2010

I’m thinking about a new artistic project. It’s in the fetal stages, so I’m not going to unveil it for a while (if ever). However, in thinking about this project, I need to imagine what MySpace looks like in 2010.

Now, of course, it’s unlikely that MySpace will be what all the cool kids are talking about in 4 years, but you get the idea. Let’s call it (currently available, by the way). It’s the most popular social network of its day. How is it different from MySpace in 2006?

Here are a couple of ideas to get started:

  • It’s less about a website, but more about a presence which stretches across a bunch of different devices, including computers, mobile devices, music players and so forth.
  • Increasingly, MySpace2010 is about video, not text.

I should reiterate that this is an artistic project which, were it gloriously successful, wouldn’t net me much cash. So, I’m not asking you smart people so I can go build and net $1.65 billion in Google stock.

Today’s thought experiment: What does MySpace2010 look like to you? Are we still adding random strangers as ‘friends’? Are there any solutions to the stalker problem? What haven’t we even dreamed of?

UPDATE: I asked, uh, Ask Metafilter as well.

6 Responses to “Help Me Imagine the MySpace of 2010”

  1. Boris Mann

    By 2010, much of the things on the web have leaked out into physical existence.

    In describing this, I talk about walking up to someone and seeing a cloud of their latest content visualized around their head.

    That’s perhaps too sci-fi for “only” 2010, but you certainly could have a mobile device that shows something similar to

  2. Todd Sieling

    Hmm – a great question. Boris sees clearer than I do in the far future, but I expect it would be more like Second Life, just a lot messier.

  3. Will

    Lets go with the information everywhere and work backwards.

    You get up in the morning and your networked alarm clock / photo frame / screen includes you in the “awake catageory” in MySPace and shows who else is available. The frame offers to show you updates from your feeds (and new photos of your “friends”)

    Your mobile/handy links in with your headset and can tell you are now traveling (limited bandwidth or show you as disconnedted if driving) as you head to work (lets assume offices still exist)

    At work, things synch to work mode (MySpace shows limited time so doesn’t offer you anything but urgent requests until you ask for everything)

    hows that for a start?

  4. Russell

    I’m thinking that by 2010 we will all have a device about the size of a Blackberry that is your phone, mp3, camera, organizer, Playstation Portable, laptop, etc all in one. Instead of contacts you will have individual MySpace pages that you go to and have the option of texting, calling, voice message, etc.

  5. Mike

    When you meet someone, a handshake transfers their contact data to your personal area network, though how much of their data you have access to depends on what sort of connections to them you have. If it’s all through work people, you can’t see the pictures of the party they were at last weekend, but if you’re connected via social connections, you can.

    MySpace2010 is all about context-based social networking and Venn diagram privacy zones.

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