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How to Watch Canucks Games Over the Web

UPDATE: Here’s a possible site for watching games online.

Tonight is the Canucks’ sixth game of the season, and the first of 17 pay-per-view games. I usually go out to a bar to watch the PPV games, but tonight I’m feeling a bit under the weather. I couldn’t actually pay to watch the games at home because I don’t use one of the Canucks’ enabled television providers. Coincidentally, a, uh, alternative means of watching the game came across my virtual transom.

I’m pretty sure this is illegal, but, you know, I’ve given the Canucks a lot of money over the years. As such, I don’t feel particularly bad about it. Here’s the strategy:

  1. Go download TVU Player. It’s software that works with Windows Media Player (sorry, Mac-using hockey fans) that ‘brings you programs from around the world that you can’t get from your local cable and satellite providers’. Uh huh.
  2. Install TVU Player. It ain’t rocket science.
  3. Go to this page, which lists upcoming NHL games and the P2P networks they’re available on. With TVU Player installed, you can click the ‘Play’ link beside the Canucks game and it will launch in its own application window.
  4. Bob, as they say, is your father’s brother. Enjoy the game.
  5. 24 Responses to “How to Watch Canucks Games Over the Web”

    1. skot

      sweet man i got to catch the third period wish i had searched for this earlier in the game

    2. Chris

      Will this only work on high-speed? I have high-speed lite (yeah I know I am cheap) and it seems pretty choppy…

    3. Josh

      So I tried the TVU PLayer to avoid paying bar prices to watch the game (plus my girlfriend is a little under the weather), and after downloading and installing the player, I went to find the game I wanted to watch and discovered that no one was broadcasting it. Is this because I couldn’t find the right P2P connection, or is it just that no one on line has it? [Yet?]

    4. Carvin

      Hi, THANKS all…. I wanted to watch the Canuck and the Flames game. Hopefully, able to use it tonight.. Btw, GO CANUCKS GO!!.

      I am a pure Canadian but living across the Pacific…. And not able to watch NHL in ASIA! :( But now luckily we have P2p..

      Thanks all.. that provide links to it.

    5. steve

      there is a problem with the canucks this afternoon they are not on and i am in france and i have to wake up to watch it they are on and this suck the other teams have follower but dont forget about us in canada you know we started hockey yo come on i want to watch this game man PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Declan

      I see this is now the #1 result for a google search on ‘Canucks Pay Per View’ – that should help the traffic numbers…

    7. Clint Anderson

      I am watching the game right now. There is only sound no picture…sucks

    8. Anonymous

      How come when I click the ‘ PLAY ‘ the TVUPLAYER pops up but nothing plays?

    9. Ben

      My brother lives in Hong Kong. He misses the games so much. Can he watch it if he download there and watch the games?

    10. Dart

      I’m a mac user , does any body know how I can watch the game?

    11. curtis

      TVUPLAYER is not a trojan or a virus. Please check up on the facts before posting drivel.

    12. jared

      when i click the link “this Page” is sais 404 – not found

      this is the closest thing i have came across to watching PPV games

      so what do i do??

    13. Crystal

      hello, is there any way to watch a past game online, I was at the Jan 24th game and my brother was suposto record it on my pvr but he decided to record a movie. Damm. I really want to see that game again. Any help would be sooo great. Thanks in advance.

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