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I’m Tired of Logging Into Stuff

You know, if I shared a computer with anyone, I’d have to log into stuff at least fifteen times a day. It’s getting kind of absurd.

I don’t know much about identity management, but it isn’t high time somebody solved this problem? Smart people have been working on this issue for, like, a decade and I still don’t have a ID that I can even transfer between a few sites.

Here’s my 85-second homage to the Web 2.0 login form, complete with music courtesy of Derek Miller.

That’s 30 logins in 60 seconds, in case you’re counting. Uploaded to MetaCafe, because that’s what the kids are talking about these days.

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7 Responses to “I’m Tired of Logging Into Stuff”

  1. brem

    Firefox remembers all my emails.
    Also, try the extension “bug-me-not” :)

  2. darren

    Brem: Yeah, most of mine, too, but that wasn’t necessarily the point.

  3. Roland

    Check out the OpenID project, a way to register yourself using your domain name with an ID server and use it to authenticate yourself (eventually) everywhere on the interwebs.

    It works already with some blog, wiki, CMS & other software, including my favourite content/collaboration/community software, Plone (

  4. Lori

    Darren, it’s coming! Identity 2.0 technologies like Whobar allow websites to offer web SSO for login with user-centric solutions such as OpenID and Microsoft CardSpace. Tell the websites you use to end the identity silo madness and support us. It’s open source and free :)

  5. MadHacktress

    OpenID is great and hopefully we’ll all be able to benefit from it. Right now, though, it’s a pain having to keep all of that straight.

    It takes a good percentage of my brain power to keep all the passwords straight in my head. I have been using some of the same passwords for 10 years and it’s really hard to figure out which ones go with which sites. Forget trying to do the “smart thing” with your passwords and rotate them every so often, that’s just a recipe for forgotten-password-link mayhem.

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