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Music Anywhere with MP3tunes

Boris writes about an intriguing new service called MP3tunes. Its basic premise is that you can make your music library available via streaming, download or synching to any computer, anywhere:

It's only $40US/year for an unlimited size locker and syncing between unlimited computers (there is a free 1GB account that you can experiment with). This was a Flickr-size investment, so I decided to just go for it. On paper, it seems pretty perfect. Here's what MP3Tunes does:

  • It keeps your playlists and music in sync with a desktop sync client
  • You can selectively sync subsections (solution for my laptop!)
  • Sync can be bi-directional or uni-directional 
  • You can access/stream your music from the web
  • There is talk of a mobile client for Symbian Series 60 

Sounds pretty much perfect. The *only* downside is that protected/DRM'd music can only be played on authenticated devices — i.e. no streaming of DRM music.

I have maybe 5 DRM’d tracks in my 6349 songs, so the DRM thing isn’t an issue for me.

We’re going to move next year, and I was considering what to do with my aging CD collection. Though I’ve acquired a thousand songs over the past couple of years, only a few dozen of them have arrived via new CDs. I’ve ripped all the CDs at a high bit-rate, so I’m trying to get my head around selling or otherwise disposing of my physical music media.

Knowing that my music is backed-up in some fancy server farm would make it easier to dispense with all that plastic.

3 Responses to “Music Anywhere with MP3tunes”

  1. Boris Mann

    It’s not new…I had seen it before, it just sort of “clicked” into awareness this time around. Searching for “launch”, it’s been around since Feb. 2005.

    FYI…still syncing. I think the ~300hrs number is accurate. So…it’s going to take 2 weeks to sync.

  2. glen

    Well, it certainly is easy. I hate having to load yet another app. to upload music to my “locker” but..
    Now that the necessary evils are complete, I am now enjoying music from any internet capable computer.
    This could be really handy to show off my music collection to my music deficient friends.

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