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I’m Not Related to That Gordon Barefoot

You know, you go through life with a last name like Barefoot, and it’s easy to feel pretty unique. I mean, how many Barefoots do you know?

I was surprised, then, to hear that the new chair of the Fraser Health Authority is named Gordon Barefoot:

Barefoot, a former Terasen Gas executive who has sat on the FHA board as a director since the fall will replace Purchase.

Barefoot sits on the board of Nventa Biopharmaceuticals Corp, a firm developing treatments for viral infections and cancer, and is a former partner at Ernst & Young.

Here’s the weird thing. My father’s name is Gordon. He’s Gordon Barefoot. Just not that Gordon Barefoot. What are the odds?

I suppose it’s not that weird. Gordon was a pretty popular name for my dad’s generation, and there apparently nine Barefoot households in BC alone (11 in Alberta, 22 in Ottawa, none in Quebec).

On a related note, my brother Kevin does not play bass for the ‘world renowned jazz funk drummer producer Poogie Bell‘.

2 Responses to “I’m Not Related to That Gordon Barefoot”

  1. Jason

    What’s the national origin of the name “Barefoot”? Is it an anglicization of an eastern european name, or is it english?

  2. darren

    I haven’t done a lot of investigation, but I believe it was originally Scandanavian but migrated to Britain with that whole viking invasion business.

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