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Minor Life and Site Notes

Just a few points that I’ve been meaning to mention:

  • We turned on trackbacks for this site again. And by ‘we’, I mean Arwen, who has done excellent work moving all my shite from Box A to Box B. If I’d tried to do it myself, it would have been a nightmare of Burtonesque proportions. I had turned off trackbacks a couple of years ago because of the ridiculous amount of spam, and lousy implementation. Akismet is kicking arse and taking names on the spam, so I thought I’d try again.
  • This Friday I’ll be on a panel called “Getting Paid to Blog” at the 69th (69th!) Annual National Student Journalism Conference. I’m fortunate to have Sean Holman and Crawford Killian Robert Ouimet as fellow panelists.
  • I had a third point, but it’s slipped my mind.
  • Ah, right, maybe this was it. If you know anybody in the market for a one-bedroom Yaletown apartment, we’ll be listing ours next month. I’ll write an official post then, but I just thought I’d mention it. Here are some photos and a floor plan.
  • UPDATE: I remember what the third point was supposed to be, which is now the fifth point. I’m one of the 20 third-prize winners in a Seagate contest for which I wrote this blog post. I ratio of entries to winners appears to be 2 to 1, so it’s no great achievement, but I’m always happy to own another pocket-sized hard drive. PodTech, the folks who ran the contest, aren’t being very proactive about contacting the winners, but, you know, everybody’s busy.

5 Responses to “Minor Life and Site Notes”

  1. Jeff

    Just curious – why not keep that place as a revenue property? Last time I checked, Vancouver real-estate kind of valuable.

    /Understatement of the week

  2. darren

    Jeff: We need the money to build a house on some property we own on Pender Island.

  3. Michael

    I like the layout of your apartment. Just out of curiosity, what’s the approx square footage and asking price?

  4. darren

    Michael: Obviously I’m biased, but the layout rocks. We looked at 15 apartments when we rented in Vancouver, and another 15 or so when we were buying a year later. This is the best layout we saw. So many apartments waste a ton of space in hallways and extraneous walls.

    It’s small at 650 square feet (though that’s typical for Yaletown), but the layout has made all the difference over the past seven years.

    I’ll email you privately with the approximate asking price, as it’s not been fully settled on yet.

  5. Beth

    Wish I had $200 lying around to be able to go see your “Getting Paid to Blog” panel…. if only I were getting paid to blog….

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