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Overheard at the Canucks Game

I’m walking behind these two guys. They both have extraordinarily Canadian accents–we’re talking Bob and Doug here.

GUY #1: Hey, you know that show Night at the Museum, with that Ben Stiller dude?

GUY #2: Yah.

GUY #1: You know my roommate’s brother Al? We partied with him once at Rachel’s house.

GUY #2: Yah.

GUY #1: He’s totally in that movie. He’s one of the Mongolian dudes!

GUY #2: Cool.

Maybe if I’d been cheering the Canucks on more and listening less to my fellow fans, they might not have sucked the big weichselstrudel. I doubt it, though. Minnesota was the better team tonight, by a long shot. The sort of shot from the far blue line the girl missed during the second intermission. You know the one.