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Osama Team Hunger Force

You know, I’m always hesitant to mention stuff I saw on Boing Boing, because you’ve probably already seen it. That said, this is too amusing to pass up. It’s a well-acted, cleverly-scripted two-minute satire of the whole Mooninite security scare in Boston.

It does exactly what satire should do–make those in power look absurd.

2 Responses to “Osama Team Hunger Force”

  1. Todd

    That’s pretty awesome. Boston authorities need to be mocked early and often for their inability to cope with the reality of harmless if ill-thought out pranks. What’s so interesting about the chain of information sharing is that it only seems to work when carrying a message of impending danger. The corrective message, which could have been disseminated easily and quickly through the same network, never happened, seemingly because there was simply no belief that it could be anything but terrorism. Such is the panic state of a nation. Still, that’s a damn funny video.

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