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Tips on Running a BarCamp

My friend, client and former boss Joe Drumgoole is helping to organize BarCamp Ireland 3.0 (and here’s the blog). We’ve signed on to sponsor the event, and we’re planning on making it to Europe in time to attend and participate.

Joe asked for some advice, and I posted my response over on Capulet’s blog. Here’s part of it:

Let people vote on the t-shirt colour. It sounds trivial, but people care more than you think. If you run a survey where people can vote, you can blame the wisdom of crowds when people complain about the <pink, brown, tie-dyed> shirt.

There are eleven random pieces of advice, should you be planning an unconference in the near future.

3 Responses to “Tips on Running a BarCamp”

  1. darren

    Beth: Sorry, I should have linked to this Wikipedia article:

    “An unconference is a conference where the content of the sessions is driven and created by the participants, generally day-by-day during the course of the event, rather than by a single organizer, or small group of organizers, in advance. To date, the term is primarily in use in the geek community. Unconference processes like Open Space Technology, however, have been around for over 20 years in other contexts.”

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