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Who’s on the Other End of 807-274-0673?

This is the second in a series of posts about dogged, random phone spammers. The first was Direct Buy, which has attracted its own little pool of fellow complainers.

When this number calls, the call display simply says ‘Ontario: 807-274-0673’. The first couple of times I picked up, nobody was on the other end, so I just gave up answering it. Like Direct Buy, though, they call quite regularly. At least a couple of times a week.

I googled this number, and found only one result. It’s on the excellently-named, who have formalized my ad hoc method of gathering information about phone spammers. There are a bunch of comments from Canadians who have also received calls. Here’s one:

This number has called me twice while I was out and never left a message. I researched FANEVIL ISG on Google and found FANEUIL ISG instead, which is a telemarketer based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba. This area code however is from the neighbouring province of Ontario and the prefix is from the town of Fort Francis. Go figure.

I’m Irked by The Faneuil Group

Apparently they’re talking about The Faneuil Group, and they’re indeed headquartered in beautiful Winnipeg. They’re not only in a dodgy business–telemarketing–but they’re apparently pretty crap at actually speaking to the people they’re phone spamming.

There’s a pretty ironic message from President and CEO Brian Cornick on their home page:

How a customer wants to communicate with a company can make all the difference in maximizing the potential of a relationship. The Faneuil Group does not merely understand this, but embraces it.

This is accurate, in that their customers don’t want to talk to them, and they apparently don’t answer when we say ‘Hello?’.

I wondered if ‘faneuil’ meant something in French (it looks French), but apparently not. It appears to be a somewhat common location name in the Boston area.

4 Responses to “Who’s on the Other End of 807-274-0673?”

  1. bobby

    Darren, give that number a call and find out for yourself. There is need to google for information on it’s source.

  2. Lincoln

    I first read this and thought, “Oh shit, did I do something?” as I’m only 20 minutes outside of Fort Frances, and used to work there. Odd coincidence. Another odd coincidence, D: Geoff Mills did his internship there in 1997.

    I did, indeed, call the number, and there’s an answering machine with a message for the Fanueil Group. I’m looking to see if I still have my reverse lookup directory around, and can look up the owner of the number, in case it has a personal name attached. I’ll let you know if I do.

  3. Lisa

    I’ve had this happen a couple of times with telemarketers who had Ontario area codes.

    The call display number was never a real number, when I tried to call them back.

    There was some speculation around work whether that kind of number masking (where the number displayed is fake, not just general switchboard) is legal.

    Either way, it’s shoddy.

    One of the telemarketing firms was hired by a major bank to sell new services to its own customers.

  4. Evelyn

    I work at Faneuil , if you are a client of Telus, Embark, MTS, you are recieving these calls as we are an outsourcing call centre. We are not allowed to leave messages. I can understand that these calls may be annoying , I’m just making a living. I don’t enjoy calling at supper hour or Saturday morning but I have no choice.

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