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Adam Sandler is Bob Dylan

I just watched the trailer for Reign on Me, a new drama starring Adam Sandler and Don Cheadle. The plot looks pretty treacly (picture The Fisher King without the red knight), but Cheadle and Sandler are good actors, so I might go see it.

In watching the trailer, I was struck by Sandler’s extraordinary resemblance to Bob Dylan. I guess the New York background helped, but check it out. They appear to have exactly the same scowl and nose:

Sandler in "Reign on Me", and Good Ol' Bob

23 Responses to “Adam Sandler is Bob Dylan”

  1. Jason Landry

    Wow, the resemblance is incredible and I think Adam could probably manage the voice as well. Do I see a biopic in the future…?

  2. bon

    wow…that’s pretty surreal.

    except, if you look closely, it’s clear that Dylan slept in that perm, while Sandler’s has a “my stylist artfully arranged my disarray” kinda vibe to it.

  3. blork

    OK, good. So I’m not insane. I spotted that the first time I saw the trailer. In fact, in my case it wasn’t even “hey, it’s Adam Sandler, and boy does he look like Dylan,” it was “Hey, it’s Dylan. Wait a sec… it’s Adam Sandler.”

  4. Patricia

    Yes, you’re right they do look a little alike! I hadn’t noticed it before…

    The movie looks interesting although I don’t know if I would go to see it. The only work of Adam Sandler’s that I liked was when he played Theo’s friend “Cockroach” on the Cosby Show.

  5. Warwick

    I guess we know who’s going to be heading the list to play Dylan in his biopic (it’s inevitable). I’m currently watching Punch Drunk Love on TV, and I think Sandler could pull off the quirky Dylan.

  6. Shira

    Yes, he totally does look like Bob Dylan…. I saw the movie and really enjoyed it!

  7. Reign Over Adam Sandler || Beyond the Rhetoric ||

    […] I applaud Adam Sandler for taking on this role — he looks a little too much like Bob Dylan, according to Darren Barefoot — as it allows him to exercise a bit of drama, stretching his acting more than a hair away from his usual Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore-type fare. Jada Pinkett Smith also did just fine, but it wasn’t a performance that’ll capture anyone’s attention. […]

  8. terri

    The resemblence is even more remarkable when you compare the scene (I haven’t seen the movie, only the commercial) where they show Adam Sandler with the scarf around his neck and there is an album cover of Dylan’s with a similar scarf even.

  9. gibbons

    i know!!!! i totally thought that. theres something there….lol i thought it and looked up the two of them together on google for prospective conspiricy theories and urs came up. i so thought so. god i love dylan

  10. Noitall

    I was just catching a 1973 version of a movie called Pat Garret and Billy the Kid and I noticed one of the leading roles looked a hell of alot like Adam Sandler so I checked it out on to see who the actor was and low and behold it was Bob Dylan playing a character called Alias, and I no I didn’t see new 9/ll Reign oVer Me but the resemblance is unmistakable. I think there is more to this then we all relise and either Sandler is a very close relative to Dylan or one of his many illegitamate children.

  11. Bill

    I’d love to see what Adam Sandler could do with Dylan as a character. That would either be a hoot or a surrealist “out of time” experience. Bit of both, no doubt. Love to see it.

    Somebody, get hold of Sandler.

  12. logan mo

    the first time i saw an adam sandler movie i said…. thts bob dylan!!

  13. tom

    hey, i’ve been saying all year to all my family that Bob dylan looks like adam sandler (a lot) none of them believed me but now at least someone else thinks to, he totaly does!!!

  14. Winald

    Yeah, they look the same.
    If you havn¨t seen the flick, do it! last years best movie according to me…

  15. MMiler

    you ARE Bob Dylan, follow the harmonics….

  16. nori

    yes, exactly. its kinda disturbing at times, especially when he scowls. they both looks soo similar….man, its disturbing…

  17. themooksterr

    Haha i’ve been saying the same thing since i watched Bob Dylan’s documentary. seriously, if adam sandler lost his character that he always plays, he could be a good bob dylan

  18. shelby

    they are like twins =0
    Adam should have played in bob dylan
    in the movie “I’m not there”

  19. Ana

    parece mesmo com o dylan so que o adam precisaria emagrecer um pouquinho mais….

  20. Harper

    Duh everyone, their both Jewish and awesome! La Chaim

  21. Emily

    I saw the movie and it was AMAzING. The whole time, my mom was sitting there saying how much Sandler looks like Bob Dylan, and I culdn’t agree more. Sandler should have starred in Almost Home!

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