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An Odd Ending to a Game of Jeopardy

Via Reddit, where there’s a bit of debate about the gamesmanship (or lack there of) of the guy in the red shirt:

5 Responses to “An Odd Ending to a Game of Jeopardy”

  1. Oana

    Odd? I think it’s cool! He did it on purpose after all, and I guess it depends on your definition of gamemanship – all out to win at all costs, or live to fight another day against opponents you know you can beat (and some priceless publicity)?

  2. Todd

    Yeah I don’t see any lack of gamesmanship here. He did nothing wrong by making sure he would still be in the running with his lead.

  3. Andrea >> Become a Consultant Blog

    This guy says his friend did it to give the other people $14k each (since second prize would have been $2k). However, I would think it’s so he can play again against two people he knows he can beat, in addition to being nice.

  4. Michael Kwan

    I guess it would be only fair that all three of them get the $16k then, wouldn’t it? In a sense, the champ was being nice.

  5. Gwen

    By the way your post suggests, I thought he would go onto a rampage if he lost or something. =D He made himself memorable and *look* like the nice guy by arranging that his opponents would (1) take home some money and (2) get to come back. In fact, he can take some time – it’s pre-taped so it’s not like he had this past weekend – to recall their weaknesses and be confident he has a decent chance of champing over them entirely.

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