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For the Locals: Two Events I’ve Been Meaning to Mention

My friends are running two events in the near future that I plan on attending:

  • Tonight (sorry for the late notice) there’s Ma.gnolia’s Month-After Birthday Party at the Six Acres in Gastown: “Ma.gnolia’s birthday bash in San Fran last month was a blast, but for northern members it wasn’t so easy to play along. So, just for Vancouver’s geeks and friends of geeks, Larry is heading north and we’re doing a month-after party.”
  • On March 27, there’s CaseCamp Vancouver 2.0. I spoke at the last one, so I’ll just be slurping drinks at this one.

3 Responses to “For the Locals: Two Events I’ve Been Meaning to Mention”

  1. Meg

    I think I am the least-involved Vancouver blogger in all the blogging things. I never even have a clue what people are talking about. But I would totally know where to go in San Francisco!

  2. Todd Sieling

    Likewise, thanks for helping put the word out for the Ma.gnolia meetup, Darren. See you this eve!

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