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Heat Maps of Local Crime

I’ve had this bookmarked for a while, but haven’t gotten around to mentioning it. Citizen Vancouver has some cool heat maps of auto theft and burglary in Vancouver:

Ironically, the two maps, if overlayed, don’t match up. Could it be that car theft occurs where the well-to-do’ers live, while the residential B&E’s are in the ‘hoods where elderly middle income residents reside (with kerrisdale as the exception – they’re just rich old folk that live there)? And can we superimpose the skytrain and transit routes and create another correlation (Joyce station, Broadway station)?

Hang on, I can do that (click for a slightly larger version):

Map of Vancouver Crime

I just eyeballed the SkyTrain line, but that gives a general sense of where the most common crimes occur in Vancouver. Looks like south Cambie and Kerrisdale are the safest places to live.

6 Responses to “Heat Maps of Local Crime”

  1. Alex Harford

    Looks like south Cambie and Kerrisdale are the safest places to live.

    Tell that to the a-hole that stole my wife’s car from 49th and Arbutus on Boxing Day last year!

  2. Dustin

    Very cool to see this map. I think it would make more sense to emphasize the skytrain stops, rather then the route. The specific locations at the stops are where the people are walking about.

  3. -j.

    Wow, looks like the epicentre is right around my Commercial Drive home.

    I suppose YOU are going to come and rock me to sleep tonight?

  4. maikopunk

    It would be interesting to compare how the population density compares to the crime rates.

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