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Name All the Countries in Africa

The other day Meg pointed to this little game where you try to name all the American states in under 10 minutes. I went 45 for 50, which I think is fairly respectable for a Canadian. I’d be a little worried if I knew all fifty.

Much trickier, however, is naming all 53 African nations. I got just 30. The job is all the more difficult because those countries change names on a fairly regular basis. I’d never even heard of a couple of the countries I missed. I was, for example, entirely unaware that there was an island nation between Madagascar and mainland Africa.

How did you fair? I’d like to try Europe and Asia as well.

UPDATE: Here’s the uber-quiz. How many of the 192 UN member states can you name in 10 minutes? I managed 102 on my first try. How could I forget Greece? Of course, I could never forget Poland.

8 Responses to “Name All the Countries in Africa”

  1. darren

    Uh, whoops, quite right, I’ll fix that.

  2. Ryan Cousineau

    Heh. Darren, driven almost entirely by the desire to beat you, I got an honest 46 states on my first try.

    I missed the Carolinas, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

  3. » Speedlinking

    […] How many American states can you list in 10 minutes? Darren got 45. I’m usually able to get to about 48 and then give up. Obviously if you’re American this shouldn’t even take 10 minutes. I don’t think I’ll try Darren’s next attempt at listing all of the African nations, though. […]

  4. Josh

    I got 47 African countries on my first go. I missed Republic of the Congo, cause i thought it was just “Congo”. And i missed all the islands (exl. madagascar). Didn’t know that Seychelles was part of Africa.
    I’ll probably only get a dozen US states cause i’m Australian.

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