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The Coziest Urinal in Vancouver

I was reading about urinals over on Say No to Crack this morning, and was reminded of the curious, old-school urinal at Heritage Hall. I used to produce plays in the tiny basement theatre there, and that’s also where we held the Thursday night dinner before Northern Voice.

The bathroom in the basement at Heritage Hall is surprisingly cool, and it’s got this very, uh, intimate urinal. I borrowed Travis’s photo and snapped a shot:

That’s way too close for comfort if you ask me.

7 Responses to “The Coziest Urinal in Vancouver”

  1. ianmack

    Ha, I totally remember that at the Northern Voice per-dinner. Me and another guy step up…unzip…and you’re pretty a few inches apart. Nothing else do to be add a nonchalant “Hey.”

    Totally odd.

  2. Duane

    Intimate? The urinals at the bar in Chilliwack were essentially one long semi-circular basin with no separation between people. I’m not sure who came up with that design, but it was almost as open as you can get with your neighbour.

  3. David Lewis

    Umm, any urinal where I have to touch shoulders with a stranger is a bad thing. I also loath the tiny little walls. Geez, run them from mid wall to ceiling please.

    And being a 6’4″ guy, well, that’s another reason to hate short walls …

    And then, and it’s been a while since I’ve been there, there are the troughs in the Pacific Coliseum … are those still there? Nothing like 100 guys yelling at you to hurry up! ;)


  4. Michael Kwan


    Yes, Pacific Coliseum still has those troughs. You’ve got to hand it to the designer though: the trough is certainly efficient.

  5. David Lewis

    Ha, yes. Very efficient … and daunting. ;)

  6. crunchy

    Don’t make me do math!

    Oh and yeah.. I was a the heritage hall for a wedding last year and we (drunk women) all had to go the men’s to check out the ‘get to know you’ urinal in the mens’ room.

    We were fascinated!

  7. Jason V

    I have to say I think this specimen is still one of the coolest sculptural urinals in the city. By comparison, the finest women’s washroom I’ve ever seen (honestly, it was a guided tour!!) is at Hycroft House. (click my name for the photo)

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