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We Now Pause for Two Pictures of a Rainbow

That’s both ends of the same one, incidentally. That’s a helicopter near the one on the left:

Pretty Rainbow Over Vancouver The Other End of the Same Rainbow

As a bonus link, the flickr tag “ROYGBIV” is kind of fun.

4 Responses to “We Now Pause for Two Pictures of a Rainbow”

  1. Duncan


    I was hoping someone would get a nice shot of this. I couldn’t get a good shot from my location.

  2. Jeremy Latham

    Nice shots Darren.

    I also witnessed the rainbow today but didn’t have time to grab the camera. I shot this rainbow, here in Burnaby, almost exactly a year ago.

    Duane, great pic!

  3. Laura

    Check out Arieanna and Ianiv’s blog for more cool pics of it! It was a lovely view to see while stuck in absolutely horrific traffic on West Georgia and the Stanley Park Causeway…

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