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What’s a Flip and What’s a Lutz?

Over on Julie’s figure skating blog, she’s providing advice on how to watch the World Figure Skating Championships (or ‘Worlds’ if you’re hip to that jive):

Choose the right events to watch. If you can’t catch every event, then you’ll want to watch the free [ed: meaning ‘long’, not ‘costing nothing’] programs–both to see more skating and to get the final results. If you’ve only got an hour or two to spare I’d choose the women’s and pair’s free. The powerhouse Japanese women’s team competing on home ice will be spectacular to watch. I think the pairs free is always the most exciting event, so it gets my vote again.

The flip/lutz thing explanation comes later in the week. The Canadian team has started a blog, which looks very lonely at the moment. I’m guessing it’ll look equally lonely by the end of the week, but who knows?