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Fleetwood Mac Gets Its Just Desserts

Via Metafilter Projects, I just read and enjoyed this macabre little web comic about a rock critic being pushed over the edge. From the associated blog post:

Adapted from a truly bitchin’ story by the truly bitchin’ Jim Walsh, it’s (to pointlessly paraphrase Bono) about a rock critic who, sick of looking down the barrel of classic rock arena shows, decides it’s time to take up arms against his oppressor. Additional story chunks will make their way out over the next few weeks as I finish them. Are you jazzed? I’m jazzed. Very, very jazzed.

I don’t read them very often, but I often enjoy the independent voices I find on the web. Does anybody have any suggestions for finding more good comic and graphic novel stuff online? Is there a Digg for web comics?

3 Responses to “Fleetwood Mac Gets Its Just Desserts”

  1. Jeff

    No idea on a digg for web comics, but nothing beats

  2. Augie De Blieck Jr.

    There’s, which does contain a web comes category. It’s in a severe state of Beta, though.

    (Full disclosure: I write for its mother ship,, and did an awful lot of contributing to CNT in its eaarliest days — you know, back in December. )

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