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Fun Zombie Killer of a Web Game

Can’t wait for 28 Weeks Later (I can, the first one was frickin’ terrifying)? Play the gory The Last Stand, a web game in which you slay zombies by night and gather weapons and survival by day. In truth, it’s not all that great a game, but I like dysoptian scenarios and carnage.

Are there any analogous PC or console games set in zombie-filled post-apocalypse worlds that aren’t first-person shooters? Something in an RPG, perhaps?

Incidentally, 28 Weeks Later comes out on May 11, 2007. I was curious, so I looked it up.

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  1. Words of “e” » Wasting Time — again…

    […] So with some time to breathe, I am wasting time and reading blogs or catching up with whatever I haven’t had time to do over the past week (*ahem* … studying?).  So I wander over to Darren Barefoot’s site again and he found yet another great game!  Not as addictive as the last one, but nonetheless pretty spiffy, I guess it’s a good start in preparing for Resident Evil 3.  Darren Barefoot mentioned 28 Weeks Later (the sequel to 28 Days Later) and I had no idea they were bringing out a sequel so it sounds interesting, however I hope it will be better than the first one.  I thought 28 Days Later was rather bland, mainly after the few stranded survivors were brought to the safety of the remaining bunch of “elite” and “disciplined”soldiers at some camp who thought they were the sole survivors and apparently there were no other women in the world (or so they thought … even though it’s only been 28 days and apparently they see a female survivor and all moral judgment fails?). […]

  2. Heather

    There’s one for Xbox 360 called ‘Dead Rising.’ You play a photographer in a mall and it’s 3rd person perspective. Plus you can pick up just about anything and hit zombies with it (I especially like the sound when you knock a zombie with a guitar).

  3. Chad Crawford

    Darren, it sounds like you’re interested in both “28 Weeks Later” and crappy flash games.

    Get ready to have your world turned upside down; Fox International has created a crappy flash game to promote “28 Weeks Later.”

    In it you play a zombie trying to infect humans. The game is pure crap, but you’re rewarded for playing, with a pretty decent clip from the new movie.

  4. Clemmie Ipock

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