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How Much Overtime Are We Going to See Tonight?

As I write this, it’s exactly 11:00pm and the Canucks and Stars are deep in the second overtime period. Regulation was pretty exciting, but overtime has been the defense-first chess match that everyone expected the series to be.

Dallas has looked the better team through the third period and most of overtime, but things have evened out a bit in the last five minutes or so. The Canucks are down two forwards, so I wonder if that’ll be the difference.

Poor Ryan Kesler. This is his first game since January, and it’s like playing two games in one.

I also wanted to plug my friend Rob’s hockey project, is the brainchild of two longtime Canucks fans that love what the Playoffs do to Vancouver hockey fans…Our plan is to launch the most comprehensive Canucks Fan site you’ve ever seen for the 2007/2008 season. But in the meantime, we’re giving away a Canucks Jersey everytime the Vancouver Canucks post a win during the 2007 Stanley Cup Playoffs. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN situation: Canucks win games, Fans win Jerseys, and wins email subscribers. Go Canucks!

You can give them your email address to win a jersey, or become a sponsor for the cost of a jersey. The latter would be a good fit for, say, a local sports bar.

Note to Rob et al: you should rotate the sponsor logos on the front page, to give them more visibility and return on their investment.

Oy, here comes the third overtime.

7 Responses to “How Much Overtime Are We Going to See Tonight?”

  1. Beth

    Did you even suspect when you wrote that posting, that the game would go on for another hour and a half?

  2. Mathieu

    Montreal & Toronto didn’t make it : Priceless! Yeah!

    Go Nordiques! ; )

  3. Amateur Geek - How to be computer savvy

    And the Winner Is……

    Me! For Game 3…..So thanks to for mentioning the contest (I guess I owe him a beer should we ever meet after his Malta adventures), Doolin’s Irish Pub for sponsoring Game 3, and for a great contest!…

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