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Projects by Friends

Just a quick public service announcement to highlight three projects that three colleagues are involved in, all admirable endeavours:

  • Alexis published her first book of poetry, She Dreams in Red. Congratulations! It’s published by Frontenac House, and you can see the cover and get a little more information on their site.
  • Gifted local photographer Rachel Ashe is selling some prints on that most excellent of sites, Etsy. Me, I like the crow one best. I’d buy it, but it might get exiled to the garage because my wife’s no lover of birds. And, of course, we don’t have a garage. In nine days we won’t have an apartment, either.
  • Lastly, Zak (that’s a sweet tagline) asked me to mention eLiberatica, an open source and free software conference in Romania. They’re smart, and even provide me with a bit of code to include a little web badge. Hmm…I’ll be in Malta then. Maybe they want me to come and talk about open source marketing, or some such bollocks. Or maybe it’s a conference for harder core geeks than me.

eLiberatica - The Benefits of Open and Free Technologies Conference

5 Responses to “Projects by Friends”

  1. Travis Allison

    On completely unrelated note:

    Congratulations for getting a mention in Wired this month in Clive Thompson’s article.

  2. Rachael

    Thanks for the link and the purchase Darren.

    I will come and personally hang the print on your wall (when you have walls) to make sure it doesn’t end up in the garage. :)

  3. Lucian Savluc

    Hi Darren,

    Thank you for posting and helping us to spread the word about eLiberatica.
    I hope next year when we are going to have the second edition, to have you there.


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