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$280 Million for

Via Johnny, I just read about CBS acquiring for 280 million simoleons:

CBS radio is the largest radio group in the United States, with 179 stations in the top 50 markets covering news, rock, country and urban music.

The firm’s president and CEO Leslie Moonves said: “ is one of the fastest growing online communities out there.”

He said’s strength in building communities around music and syndicating content was “central to CBS”.

That’s over 18 bucks a user. Is that a lot or a little? I’d pay more attention to the details of these acquisition deals, but they don’t interest me on more than a wow-that’s-a-lot-of-cash level.

I joined through the plug-in software with the more exotic name AudioScrobbler. Aside from exposing my shameful taste in music to the world, I didn’t really see much point. The same goes for–it hasn’t proved particular sticky for me. I have, on rare occasions, tried to discover new music through, but I’ve found Pandora to be more reliable.

I just visited Pandora, and see that I can’t use it because “we believe that you are in Malta”, and they’re only licensed for Americans.

2 Responses to “$280 Million for”

  1. Johnny K

    Pandora restricted non US users around a month ago. I use primarily to track my own music listening habit (I like stats too Darren!) but on occasion I listen to the genre stations and find some new music I like.

    Like you, I’m in the that’s a lot of cash bucket.

  2. Breba

    Paying $18.66 per user seems high because I don’t think they can continue to grow under CBS. I know I don’t want a large corporation like CBS to have my music listening information.

    Good thing I moved to

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