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A Remarkable Visit to Chernobyl, 20 Years Later

Via Neatorama, I discovered this essay and photos by Mark Resnicoff (not a journalist, but “a database programmer and amateur photographer”). The coolest photos are on page eight, including some sorry looking bumper cars:

The park of attractions/amusement park was scheduled to open on May 1, 1986, but never did. As I wandered amongst the decaying rides, all I could only think about was how much the city’s children must have anticipated playing in this park, only to have those dreams dashed by an invisible monster. Near the bumper cars, we recorded radiation levels of 340 uR/h , and one step to the left the levels were 1,200 uR/h.

This reminded me of a set of slightly-controversial Chernobyl photos from 2004. Wikipedia provides a little context on KiddofSpeed, the photographer in question with an awesome Engrish nickname.