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Little Hits You’ve Never Heard

While searching for the origin of a weird live recording I have, I discovered Little Hits. There doesn’t appear to be an official description anywhere, but as far as I can gather it’s an MP3 blog of undiscovered, regionally popular gems from the past 40 years. I just spent an enjoyable few minutes clicking around.

Plus, I like the writing style:

A cover of a 1951 R&B hit by Peppermint Harris that came out just a few months after “Stranded in the Jungle,” “I Got Loaded” is a tune about drunken jocularity sung by bassman Dub Jones in an oddly genial, almost avuncular way that makes inebriation sound like a most agreeable way to spend an evening. See, if getting drunk made me feel like this song sounds, I’d get drunk just all the damn time. But frankly, when I get drunk, everything sounds more like the Shaggs.

I’m sure music lovers and Pitchfork writers will know all of these bands, but I maybe recognized two.