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Photos of the Oft-Photographed Azure Window

Azure WindowThere are wonders of the world, both natural and man-made, that look better in photographs. You pitch up at the actual thing and go, “huh, well, yep, there it is”. I felt that way about the Eiffel Tower and Capetown’s Table Mountain.

Happily, we felt genuinely awed by Dwejra Bay on Gozo’s west coast.

It’s a couple of kilometres east of our village, and home to some of the best snorkling and diving in the Mediterrenean. It was too windy to go swimming today, but we did clamber around the rocks to see Dwejra’s prima donna: the Azure Window.

It’s an enormous natural arch formed in the sea cliffs. Because of the blustery weather, the waves roared through it and smashed against its shore-side interior. Directly in front of the Azure Window is another geological wonder: the Blue Hole. That sounds like a sex club, but it’s actually a natural chimney that’s 25m deep. It opens to the open ocean 8m down.

The Azure Window is apparently the Hollywood sign of Malta. Everybody comes for a visit, and snaps some photos. I took more than my fair, and managed to winnow them down these four. I also shot this cool-looking Morris Minor, and an enormous limestone quarry on the way home.