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Weirdest Email Exchange of the Month

SHEREEF: hello and how are you doing this is Mr Agdar [name changed] and i would like to order some flowers from your shop to my company in West Africa and can you tell me the types of flowers you have and their prices each so that i can make my selections. hope to hear from you asap..

ME: I’m afraid you have the wrong email address–I don’t sell flowers.
Best of luck.

SHEREEF: Ohh Okay What do you sell?

ME: Nothing, really, we do services work.

SHEREEF: Dont you know any shop there so tht you give me their address so that i buy some of their goods?

This guy wants to buy anything wholesale and re-sell it. Where should I sent him?

I’m sure this happens to everybody, but certain Google users have a mentality about their search results. It goes like this:

“Because your site is ranked highly in Google, you must be an expert in my search terms. Furthermore, you must sell them for a living.”

He no doubt found me because of Flowers For Al and Don. If he’d asked for something other than flowers, I would have thought it was just a variation on Nigerian spam.

Another recent example is horse soccer balls. If you Google “horse soccer ball”, my site is the fourth result. The first result is a site which actually sells horse soccer balls (the excerpted text in the search results even implies this).

And yet I’ve received more than one call from people wanting to buy just such a ball. Odd, eh?

7 Responses to “Weirdest Email Exchange of the Month”

  1. Jacques René Zammit

    Then you can google “wankellectual” and you get J’accuse… still hoping to get the word into the Oxford and Collins dictionaries…

    Why is a long story… don’t ask!

  2. Bob Gray

    I wonder if this isn’t part of a new internet scam they were talking about on the radio in Toronto last week. It has something to do with ordering a large amount of your product and then asking to send it with a specific carrier. Somehow the supplier ends up holding all the bills at the end so beware!

  3. dustin

    This guy is definitely a scammer. He doesn’t care what he buys, or from whom, as long as they accept cashier’s cheques from africa (which end up being fake).

  4. darren

    Maybe I should offer to sell him some horse soccer balls?

  5. Michael Kwan

    I’m not sure about the scammer side of things, but I can totally appreciate the experience of having people think that you sell something that you don’t. I write on and review various technological gadgets for Mobile Magazine and I get countless emails asking me for the “best price” I can give them on “my” cell phone.

  6. Andrea >> Become a Consultant

    I get a lot of bizarre emails. Many people seem to think that I’m the person who developed whatever advertisement I happened to be critiquing. Others think I am a specialist in obscure arts. But my favourite is the people who send me essays about their personal/business situations and then expect me to provide free coaching.

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