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A Car Made of Cake

Our Irish friends are here visiting, and one of them told me about this great commercial for Skoda (a car which, for reasons I can’t recall, I think of as kind of crap):

There’s also a little making-of documentary. Has this ad run in North America?

6 Responses to “A Car Made of Cake”

  1. Marina

    Wow. That’s pretty impressive.

    And that I’ve noticed, this hasn’t been on TV around here.

  2. Warwick

    Probably won’t be on TV here, as Skoda’s aren’t sold in North America. Skoda’s are actually pretty decent cars these days. They are basically VW cars in different packaging.

  3. Derek K. Miller

    The Czech Skodas used to be crappy cars when you could buy them cheaply in Canada in the ’80s, much as (and around the same time as) the first Hyundais here were. But things change for both brands.

    My dad tells me that the first car he ever lusted after as a kid was the empty hulk of an old Skoda back in his native Germany in the ’50s. They’ve been around awhile.

  4. Ryan Cousineau

    My question is, how did the ad agency sell the client on this plan?

    “Okay, so the idea is, your new car is made of cake!”


    “Well, it’s not really made of cake, but we make a replica of it out of cake, and we document the process for the ad.”

    “You make a cake car for the ad.”

    “The slogan for the campaign is: ‘full of lovely stuff.'”

    “Lovely stuff?!”

    “Yeah, you know. The car makes you happy. Like cake.”


    “Great! So, we’ll need 200 kg of flour, 20 bakers…”

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