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Quick Note: Does Anybody Still Need a Dopplr Invitation?

I now apparently have an infinite number of invitations to Dopplr. Leave a comment if you’re keen.

UPDATE: Sorry, I’m not dispensing any more invitations. Comments on this entry are closed.

42 Responses to “Quick Note: Does Anybody Still Need a Dopplr Invitation?”

  1. Dane Brown

    I’ll take an invite.


  2. Vero

    Hi Darren, would love one! Pretty please with a cherry on top!

    Thanks :)

  3. Frank

    It sounds interesting to me. I’d like to check it out if you don’t mind.

  4. Malin

    Ohh yeee… If you still have one please send me at: malinowski.marek[at]gmail[dot]com

    Thanks :o)

  5. Stephanieklein

    I’m keen too and would really appreciate one. Thank you for taking the time out of your day; it’s appreciated.

  6. Nico B.

    I am a keen traveller and it sounds like a great site so would love an invite as well if you still have some.

  7. Chad K

    An invite would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  8. Duncan Sample

    I’d love an invite if possible. I currently use and it’s not got the most user-friendly interface.

  9. Amy

    If you still have some left, can you please send one to me too? Thanks a lot!

  10. robinage

    hii, can I please have an invite? thanks! :)

  11. Tsvika

    Hey, I’d love getting a Dopplr invitation!


  12. Guilherme

    i love travel, i want dopplr invitation!!


  13. Jannes

    If you still have an invitation, I’d like one.

  14. Kim Jernigan

    I’d really love to have an invitation to Dopplr. :) I will be traveling (again) soon.

  15. Jens Heuer

    Hi -if you’re still sending out invitations I’d love to have one. THX!

  16. Richard Hartigan

    I would live one thanks!

  17. Aleem

    A Dopplr invite would be great! Thanks

  18. Tim

    I would like a Dopplr invite as well. Thank you.

  19. Luca

    there’s any invites left?
    thanks Luca

  20. Nico

    would love an invite to Dopplr if you still have some.

  21. Brad

    If you have any invites remaining, I would be very grateful for one. Thanks in advance!

  22. Jason Welbourne

    I would greatly appreciate an invitation…

  23. Alejo

    Hey, I would like one. I’ve been looking for a Dopplr invitation for a long time. Thanks!!

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