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SpamPaint: Art from Comment Spam

While searching for a solution to my aforementioned gallery comment spam problem (solution: delete all the comments and implement a captcha), I happened upon SpamPaint. It’s a German online art project:

Let’s assume a spam bot comes to a weblog and leaves a comment. Let’s also assume this blog is using the Akismet plugin to recognise spam. Now that the blog software knows it has been spammed it will either delete the comment spam or, if we are lucky and the blog is contributing to SpamPaint, it will be automatically sent to the SpamPaint engine.

After receiving the comment SpamPaint will analyse it. For example: comment spam nearly almost includes links to websites (after all, the intention of comment spam is to promote websites) so SpamPaint visits these sites and grabs the colors and some images. SpamPaint also checks from which country the spammer is and shows this in the generated graphics. That’s just two of many steps.

If not beautiful, at least the gallery is kind of fun. I quite liked this one.

4 Responses to “SpamPaint: Art from Comment Spam”

  1. raincoaster

    I totally have got to pass this along to What a fabulous idea. I know so many people who’ve edited spam together, but a worldwide spam to art converter is certainly taking it to the next level.

  2. maikopunk

    that is so beautiful. I would love to have a plugin like that.

    it’s kind of the online equivalent of turning garbage into art.

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