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Vancity Sharing the Bike Love

I just read on Facebook (grrr…) about Vancity’s worthy new community program–a community bike share. There’s even a pancake breakfast:

We are launching the Vancity Bike Share experiment at BEST’s (Better Environmentally Sound Transportation) Pancake Breakfast where Bike Month is wrapped up with free pancakes, fair-trade coffee, juice, and organic oranges for all who commute by biking, walking, carpooling or transit. It’s also when the winners of the Commuter Challenge will be announced.

Coincidentally, not a month ago I wrote about a similar bank-sponsored program in Austria: “I could see the likes of VanCity or Telus launching a similar program in Vancouver”.

4 Responses to “Vancity Sharing the Bike Love”

  1. Chris

    Clearly, Darren Barefoot is a force to be reckoned with. When he makes a suggestion, things happen.

    What’s next Darren?

  2. double-plus-ungood

    There were pancakes and coffee served on the Adanac bike route for at least the last two years around this time, for what it’s worth. Not sure if Vancity was the sponsor at those times or not.

  3. aira

    what happened next?? should i know?? keep more intersting column. .

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