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What the Heck is This Social Media Stuff?

Aussie Trevor Cook has updated his excellent guide to social media, which now weighs in at 57 pages. If you don’t know your Twitter from your Feedburner, this introductory document is a great place to start. Here’s an excerpt on Facebook:

Hopefully sites like the newly-launched MyLifeBrand77 will become the one-stop portal for all of the various networking sites we belong to (or should do if we are to keep abreast of our industry and our profession). According to Daniel Scalisi, EVP of MyLifeBrand, it isn’t another social network, but rather a social platform which enables people to aggregate and better manage their favorite social networks and services, as well as enabling communities to develop a fully branded relevant community.

In the next version, I would like to see some more information on ROI for businesses getting into blogging, podcasting, Second Life et al. That information still seems to be pretty thin on the ground, but Trevor could start with Charlene Li’s excellent work on the subject.