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A Typical Day on Gozo

Looking Out on CreationSomebody asked, so (in a slighly Fowleresque style), here’s a typical weekday for me on Malta:

8:30 – Wake up. Check email to ascertain that there weren’t any late afternoon crises on the West Coast.

9:00 – Have breakfast.

Rest of the Morning – Any of the following:

  • Go for a bike ride.
  • Ride to one of several spots on the coast and go swimming or snorkeling. We’ll get up around 7:30 if we’re doing this.
  • Go to the ‘shops’ in our local village for groceries. There are only two shops, and one has a subset of the other’s merchandise.
  • Go into Rabat, the main town on Gozo, for groceries, coffee, shopping or sundry administrative tasks.

12:30 – Mess about the computer, reading feeds and blogging.

13:00 – Have a quick lunch.

13:30 – Work.

17:30 – Have a snack. Most days we’ll sweep and mop the back patio. The neighbours have one of the biggest trees on the island in their back garden, and it overhangs ours. As such, there’s usually plenty of leafs, seed pods and bird droppings on our deck. I don’t bemoan this activity because it still feels novel, and we often use this time to talk and brainstorm about projects.

18:00 – A little more work.

19:00 – Eat dinner.

Evening – More work, usually, though the amount varies. Occasionally we’ll go for an evening bike ride and/or swim, or into town for an event. Tonight, for example, there are apparently horse races on the town’s main street. Horse races! On the street! I’m very curious.

23:30 – Go to sleep.

9 Responses to “A Typical Day on Gozo”

  1. Ryan Cousineau

    Ah, la dolce vita, or as they say in Gozo, “Tuesday.”

    Having my own obsessions, I wonder what kind of bikes. I assume you acquired them locally? I’m interested in what the default everyone-has-one bike in Malta is.

  2. darren

    They’re two old and busted used bikes, both Raleighs. I believe that Julie’s is a ‘Calypso’ and mine is a ‘Marauder’.

  3. darren

    Robert: Believe me, I couldn’t not know. It’s been all over the media here, and the government Euro propaganda machine is in full effect. I went through the change-over in Ireland, and it wasn’t nearly this intensive.

    Anyhow, we’ll probably be gone from Malta by Jan. 1, but you never know.

  4. Melanie

    I must say:
    I’m a Canadian (though half Maltese), living in Gozo. It’s a nice life, and even nicer when you see that others abroad are jealous :)
    But seriously, I almost got hit by a horse on Tuesday night in Victoria. lol Be wary.
    Best of luck riding up those hills!

  5. Aaron Gladders

    Isn’t it a buddhist thing to wake and spend the morning sweeping, practicing mindfulness?

    It seems to me you’re on a spiritual journey :)

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