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Did You Go to Glenmore Elementary School in West Vancouver?

Then join the Facebook group I just started. I know this applies to roughly 0.01% of my daily readership, but bear with me.

I went to Glenmore from grades one to four, from 1981 to 1984 (it’s only three years because I skipped grade one). Because of budget cuts and declining enrollment, and despite the protests of students, teachers and staff, the school was closed in 1984.

It subsequently became a ritzy private school called Collingwood. I added these facts to Collingwood’s Wikipedia entry, and regularly defend them from deletion.

Anyhow, I’m pretty sure I have a few readers who are at least occasional readers of this site. Go forth and sign up!

3 Responses to “Did You Go to Glenmore Elementary School in West Vancouver?”

  1. Laura

    Lol, no way. I didn’t even know that, and I’m on the Alumni Executive Committee at Collingwood. I attended high school at CW from 93-98!

  2. Rob

    Boom! I’m now a card-carrying member. Let me know if you need any help smackin’ down the smurfs!! Except for Laura, who is obviously nice. :)

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