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Gone to Comino

Hat and LagoonTomorrow morning, we’re heading off to stay overnight on Comino, the tiny island between Gozo and Malta that’s home to the Blue Lagoon. It’s also home to a zillion day-trippers, which is why we’re going and staying overnight. That way we can enjoy it in relatively quiet conditions in the evening and early morning.

Things will therefore be mighty quiet around here for the next 48 hours. If you’re bored, feel free to check out the ten links in the my link blog in the side bar (in fact, there’s way more than 10 links in the actual RSS feed).

2 Responses to “Gone to Comino”

  1. Dick

    So — are you staying in the tower, or sleeping on the beach?

  2. bobby

    Darren, will you be staying in the Comino Hotel?

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