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Okay, I Made a Poll on the Canadiana Question

As per this discussion earlier in the week, I thought I’d run a quick poll to see, empirically (because web polls are irrefutable, don’t you know), which bit of television history is the most Canadian:

Those of you visiting via the RSS feed will probably have to actually visit my site to vote.

I liked Filmgoerjuan’s suggestion, so I also included the seminal Paddle to the Sea. And Fraggle Rock, in case none of the other options appealed.

7 Responses to “Okay, I Made a Poll on the Canadiana Question”

  1. Michael Kwan

    Interesting tool, but I think that showing the current results can skew a person’s vote one way or another. Displaying current results AFTER a vote has been cast is fine, though.

  2. gillian

    Oh great, now I find out there’s a movie for “Paddle to the Sea”. The book was trippy enough. Between that and “Runaway Bunny” I was traumatized from an early age. Oh, and “In the Night Kitchen”, that was gross too. I’m getting off-topic though.

  3. Jordan

    Yep, Beachcombers should be a finalist for sure. I was just at ‘Molly’s Reach’ the other day, trying to explain the significance of it as a landmark to my younger sister.

    Plus, making me choose between the Log Driver’s Waltz -because, as you know, he goes burling down and down white waters- and the Hockey Sweater (Monsieur Eaton!) is just cruel.

  4. johnny0

    Damn, it was a tough decision deciding between > and “Paddle To The Sea” (not to say the Log Rider’s Waltz wasn’t a strong contender).

    That thing was burned into my memory in Grade 1 (1976) when Ms. Chudley showed it to us. Something about the journey vs the destination. Between that and the Hockey Sweater, you’ve got Canada in a nutshell. With Log Rider’s Waltz, you’ve got the magic troika.

    Damn you, lack of a Canadian iTunes video store, for denying my immediate gratification! NFB, get it together!

  5. Siobhan

    I can’t believe ‘Blackfly’ was not on the list.

    You know: “Always the blackfly, no matter where you go. I’ll die with the blackfly pickin’ my bones in North Ontario, -i -o, in North Ontario”…

    The song’s by the same guy who sang the Log Driver’s Waltz, but Blackfly’s better. I am from North Ontario though, so I may be biased.

  6. johnny0

    hmm, my double less than, greater than french quotes didn’t work out. Should have been “Le chandail de hockey” as the third leg of the troika…

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