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The Most Canadian of Gestures

I promise this is my last Canada Day post of the year. I must be missing the homeland a bit.

My friends Eric and Leslie have a house in Point Roberts, a curious thumb of American soil created by unflinching adherence to the 49th parallel.

Last weekend Eric rented a log splitter to, well, split some logs. He can pick up the story–with its very Canadian ending–from there

Bryan and PJ came by early in the day, followed a short while layer by Joey who had just returned into town. Our neighbour Bill (also Canadian) came over to see what all the racket was about and joined us for about 8 hours worth of work. All day long the team worked diligently until there was no wood left to split.

And then, tired but not hungry (Les made great fried onion cheese burgers for us and there was lots of beer to be had) we did the most Canadian of things- we went over to our American neighbour’s house (he was out of town) and split his wood for a couple of hours.