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Traveling Responsibly

Venice marketI was just moaning about lousy customer service, so here’s a great example.

Julie recently booked a trip–an Italian cooking holiday–with Responsible Travel, “holidays that give the world a break”. They’re not really ‘package holidays’ in the traditional sense–mostly the company offers responsible alternatives for accommodation and activities. They’re a bit like Etsy in that you book directly with the service providers. Responsible Travel just points you in the right direction.

The booking process was straightforward and easy, but the great work happens in the email notification that Julie received. Once she books, check out the extras:

Send you a FREE Rough Guide of your choice from the list at
Enter you in our draw to WIN A HOLIDAY. Our friends at Cwm Deiliog have offered a week’s stay at their Snowdonia self catering accommodation. See for full details.
Make a 1GBP donation to charity
Give you a discount on your travel insurance

Thanks to a Seth Godin anecdote, around Capulet we call this ‘greasing the bicycle chain’. Seth tells the story of a bicycle repair guy who’s pretty ordinary. However, the guy takes five minutes at the end of a job to do something unexpected, extra and free, such as greasing the chain or attaching some of those streamer-thingies (what are those called?) to a kid’s bike.

2 Responses to “Traveling Responsibly”

  1. Warwick

    The first line could be read that this was another example of bad customer service :)

  2. Christine

    Hi Darren – thanks for posting this. I am just researching an article on responsible winter travel, and this site was exactly what I needed.

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