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What’s the Future of the Canucks D?

If you’ll permit a brief, mid-summer diversion by a out-of-country Canucks fan, I’ve been musing about the future of the Canucks defensive core. At the moment, they have six legitimate NHLers under contract:


All of those guys could play in the top four positions. Add to that promising rookies Luc Bourdon and Alexander Edler (and what’s the status of the storied Rory Fitzpatrick?), and you’ve got remarkable depth.

Of course, the team is paper-thin up-front, so I expect they move one or more of these assets to add a scoring forward or two. Ohlund and Salo look the most expendable, though the former has both have a no-trade clause (and Ohlund, as it happens, is my favourite Canuck after Linden).

There have been rampant rumours about a trade with New Jersey. In my experience, it’s rare that the really popular rumours ever become a reality.

What do you think will happen?

4 Responses to “What’s the Future of the Canucks D?”

  1. Ryan

    From a strictly business standpoint Ohlund would be the asset to move. I think he’s on a slow decline but he still has a AAA reputation.

    Having said that, my understanding is that he likes having his family in Vancouver and would be unlikely to waive his no-trade as long as the Canucks continue to compete.

    If you move Salo, who is a bit injury prone, you’d have to bring in another big shot from the point so that wouldn’t really solve the problems up front.

    I think Mitchell and Bieksa are the near future, and Nonis doesn’t seem interested in moving Le Luc. Edler might me movable if he still looks as promising in his sohpmore year, but I don’t think we’d get much for him on his own – we’d likely have to combine him with a Morrison or a Cooke to get much firepower back in return.

    The forward situation will have to be resolved through some shuffle at that end of the ice, Naslund finding his form again, or signing a free agent next year after Naslund’s contract expires.


  2. Declan

    Hmm, Ryan has already made all the points I planned to make, so I’ll just second his comment.

    Miller was a bit of a strange signing (in my opinion). Nothing against Miller, I just don’t think that last season proved the missing piece was a solid defensive defenceman.

  3. Ryan Cousineau

    The Canucks have a reasonable amount of cap space, and expect some teams to be verry cap-crunched (I think the NYR have a lot of work to do…) and hope to either sign up or rent nearer the deadline this year.

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