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I’m Ghost Like Swayze

Plane on PavementToday I start my long journey from Gozo back to Vancouver. It looks like this:

  1. Take taxi to Mgarr Harbour.
  2. Catch the aforementioned Harbour Air sea plane to Valetta on the larger island of Malta.
  3. Stay over night in Valetta.
  4. Take a taxi to the airport.
  5. Fly Air Malta (a great airline, in our limited experience) to the 9th level of Hell, Heathrow Airport.
  6. Fly Air Canada (yay, elderly and grumpy staff) to Vancouver via Ottawa.
  7. Get picked up at airport.
  8. Collapse into bed.

It ain’t going to be pretty. I have the usual in-flight entertainment system–computer with movies and television (and an extra battery), iPod full of podcasts and several books and magazines. Plus, I like a stop midway through the trip, as opposed to flying from London to Calgary, and then the silly, short hop over the Rockies to Vancouver.

I’m coming to Vancouver and area to speak at Gnomedex (yep, that’s terrifying), attend BarCamp Vancouver, meet clients and potential clients and see the fam damily.

As such, blogging will be a bit light and unpredictable this week, as I’ve got a ton of meetings and must make my way down to Seattle. Bear with me, and service will return to normal as soon as possible.

8 Responses to “I’m Ghost Like Swayze”

  1. Duane Storey

    Have a safe trip..

    And I hate to say it, but I absolutely despite Air Canada mainly for the fact that their staff are generally old and non-social. If you contrast it to an airline like West Jet, where everyone is relatively young and hip, tells jokes, and actually tries to make the flight enjoyable, it’s pretty sad for Air Canada.

  2. DaveO

    Man you are going to rock Gnomedex! I am really looking forward to hearing your spiel – you are *always* speaking up and asking questions anyhow so you might as well have stage time ;-).

  3. Jeff

    B.A. has direct flights to Vancouver from London – might save you some Canada hopping on your next trip. :)

  4. Jean Paul

    hope your trip back home was ok. Also, I hope you enjoyed it over here.

    PS: regarding Air Canada, I flew on their airline last year and from 4 flights all crew were definitely over 40.

  5. Helen

    Can I go against the tide and say that when I get on an Air Canada plane and see the older flight crew, I’m actually relieved? After putting up with simpering little Japanese robot flight attendants, it’s refreshing to see people that I feel I can trust in an emergency.

    It’s not that Japanese flight attendants are bad, they aren’t, but they’re so young and perfect looking that I think they’d rather jump out of the plane before they break a sweat helping people if something awful happened.

  6. Rob

    I wouldn’t mind the old Air Canada flight crew if the seats weren’t so uncomfortable and they gave me something to eat.

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