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Let’s Make an iTunes Network

Over on Travis’s blog, I read about Simplify Media. Crap name, good product. From Travis:

There’s a cool program, for Mac and PC, that lets you see my iTunes library and listen to songs from it. It’s called Simplify Media.

With it, you can share your music with up to 30 friends. So far, I have about five friends (not in life, I mean with this iTunes sharing). And as long as my computer’s on and SM is running, you can browse and play my music, and I can do the same with yours.

I’m currently listening to Aerosmith’s “Sweet Emotion” courtesy of Travis’s crapload of music. I have no right to judge anybody’s taste in music, but All Saints? The whole album? Really?

Anyhow, I thought it’d be fun to connect with other users who are Simplify users, or want to try it. We could all ‘invite’ each other, and form an ad hoc network of our iTunes libraries. I’ve only got a subset of my library on my laptop (Simplify Media, how about an API that MP3Tunes can talk to?), but I’m glad to let others listen.

My user name is ‘dbarefoot’, and Travis’s is ‘nep’.

Hmm…I’m having some network buffering issues. Don’t know if that’s Malta Cable’s fault, or Simplify Media’s?

3 Responses to “Let’s Make an iTunes Network”

  1. Lincoln

    Bumped once, but stream from Desdemona seems to be good now.

    Username: Liquado

    This is like the large-scale version of “What’s on your iPod?” Don’t hate me for my…um, eclectic collection.

  2. darren

    Same goes for me–my musical taste, as we’ve already covered, is shameful.

    That’s interesting to hear that downloads from my machine (Desdemona–we name all our computers after Shakespeare characters) are working okay, I’m getting no joy connecting to either yourself or Travis. I listen to about 45 seconds of a song, get a ‘Rebuffering stream…’ error and get bounced to the next song.

  3. Travis

    Hmmm. No wonder I started getting invites from complete strangers.

    And for the record, I think, um, someone else put ‘All Saints’ on my computer. I’m actually more ashamed that you only had to go half-way through the “A”s to find something embarrassing. I shudder to think what you’d find in the Ds.


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